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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 ^__^

Have a nice day my MM friend.
I'm Photographer and Event Organizer too.
Hello from Viet Nam :)

Lets shoot some hot new stuff! (^o^)/

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Strongly photography enthusiast.
Interest: fashion/emotive/conceptual photography

I shoot various styles of photography, but what impress me the most are fashion and beauty. I use both natural and flash (strobist) lighting techniques.

I'd love to help models build their portfolio (yes I do TF* most of the time because my main job is not about photography, but I do care for the quality of my photos) :-)

I'm very friendly and easy to work with, feel free to contact me.


Check out my facebook:

My brother also a photographer, almost for wedding.
Here is his portfolio: http://www.depstudio.tk
(Tuong Nguyen: nguyencattuong13@yahoo.com)


14 Feb 10 22:31
im visiting vietnam soon would love to work with u!
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