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About Me

Coming out of hiatus!

Local amatuer fashion photographer with a strong interest in creating A+ pictures. Blatant Pixels is a goal! A goal to defy the norm and bring Arizona to the forefront of the creative world and in fashion.

Blatantly going against the rules of fashion images to bring edge and creativity.

Looking to work with awesome teams with great concepts.
Looking to work with Models who have a vision and understanding that this is more than just being pretty it is about being present and expressive.
Looking to work with Fashion designers who bring a unique vision to the world of fashion.
Make up artist that rock and are willing to go the extra mile with the rest of the team to create a great work of art.

Casting now for studio shoots and location shoots for fashion editorial.
Casting for natural models who have clear skin/blemish free.
Alternative models do apply. If you know how to pose I am always interested.
Models with a bold attitude and posing skills please reach out...You are valuable.

Escorts are not needed unless you are under the age of 18 and a parent or guardian must be present. I am professional and have the references to back this up. I work at this and have no time for flakes...Time is valuable.