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Greetings! My name is Jordan and I'm the CEO of Graffio Royale INT Designing firm but you can call me by my art name, Dante Aurora if you like. I'm 24, & with 2 yrs experience, I have done some graphic designs for all of my clients that matched and met their prominent means. I am also a prominent male model for all of my clients except nude modeling firms.

Here at Graffio Royale, we are international design firm that does everything from print web, interior graphic and fashion, who also have been involved in many spectrums of the art world esp. invisual, studio and digital.
Our Philosophy:
Here at Graffio Royale, I believe one of the keys to successful designing and artwork, is broadening your mind and be flexible to all types of designs and advertising. For example,if one is just doing Stationary designs, but has a hard time doing magazine layouts, spend more time working out that magazine layouts and commercial ads,do not stay stuck at one form of advertising be diverse. We strongly make it our goal in expanding our creativity in model, fashion and graphic design with international and national companies that will help expand their goals, as well as build up our graphic design experience with the latest glamor and prominent cultures. We as the Co. do just about everything to capture the graphic elogent vision of the client, etc.

I take my work seriously and look to learn from great photographers world wide!

If you are a person male/female that wants to build their portfolio as a model, then this studio is for you.

Networking is like the collection of the thoughts and desires of the human soul. I find it essential for me join w/ like minded individuals to expand on righteous knowledge.

Like anything creative. I enjoy spending time with friends talking about anything from art, business, networking, communication, movies, writing, philosophy, dreams, etc.

If you are a model, actor, talent or just a creative soul that wants to inspire others or wants, bring something new to the table and explore what it is to be human, an artist, a muse and a inspiration to others, then I want to work with you. Curious? Let me know your thoughts.

Photography Do's:
Surreal art, Abstract, Nature, spiritual, fashion, lingerie catalog, realism, alternatives, steam punk, cyber punk etc.

Photography don't s:
porn, model photography that resembles that of Abercrombie and Fitch (which has nothin to do w/ clothes).pervious photos. Photos that endorse names of rock, death metal bands.

"Artists and photographers
I also design logos, ads and also screen print t-shirt designs to almost any of my clients. I am very selective of the clients that I choose.
If you would like to know more about me, please contact me.

I am also currently looking for both male/female models worldwide, esp. tulsa, ok that have free time, for advertisements and photo shots and are looking to expand on their modeling experience as well as mine.
I will travel to do certain assignments if paid.

You can contact me with other sites! (currently updating)

I love to hear your comments and any tips or questions.

cell: 918.978.8426


You can contact me with other sites! (currently updating)




22 Aug 11 10:58
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing Beautiful^^
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