About Me

Hi, I am Peter and I am a keen free-lance/amateur photographer. I hail from Barbados, & as a little boy growing up used to love my uncle€™s passion for photography. I guess I could say that I come from a long line of photographers, as my cousin is also a student of mastering light. I have enjoyed taking pictures for over 20 years and recently developed this into an all-consuming passion.

One part of this passion has led me to take a whole host of subjects including landscapes, abstracts macros & wildlife. I enjoy the whole process from the excursion itself to the number of shots I can feel proud to have taken. Particularly with wildlife as we have little or no control of what the animals do.

I have decided to explore my long-term desire to develop model photography as an art outlet also. To date these have all been location based and I have been lucky to have worked with some wonderful models so far & I’m hoping to develop this to international level. Please feel free to browse my portfolio www.ptrbeephotos.com

My goals are to develop my skills with outdoor, studio and location shoots. My portfolio currently covers a wide range of styles & I’m happy to continue on that path, just shooting anything. I would like to master studio glamour fashion and fine art nude to develop to my full potential, I would like to work with both experienced and inexperienced models. I would like to help new models develop their portfolios whilst I develop mine.

I believe totally in reliability and trustworthiness and will always put 100% into my work.

In conclusion my overriding long-term goal is to turn professional some day, but until then I will continue to shoot images in a professional manner with professional quality that will hopefully bring out the best for the model, projects & photos I shoot on my journey as a student in the mastering the capture of light.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.