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VERY limited schedule to shoot in May. After that, no availability until September. If you wish to schedule a shoot, please send me ALL your contact info and availability. Without that basic information, it'll be hard to contact you. Priority is given to those with enthusiasm, who put forth that little extra effort. I'm always amazed at how many people either don't check their messages, don't reply, or simply aren't able to communicate in a way that makes working together feasible. I hope to meet more people for whom that is not the case. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Morris Robert Morris is an image maker. He has built a world-wide reputation of creating stunning imagery through a variety of media including pen & ink, photography, 3D, and digital film compositing. Robert's artwork has been featured in galleries alongside other notable artists such as H.R. Giger, Clive Barker, and Marilyn Manson, as well as in concerts, commercials, and feature films. Since working as a VFX artist, his work has been praised in publications such as Digit, Reel, Creativity, Cthulhu Sex, and Fangoria. Robert has worked with a range of prestigious clients such as Michael Moore, Carrie Underwood, Nike, MTV, and Sundance, as well as creating provocative music videos for Android Lust, Kittie, and The Birthday Massacre. Robert has a passion for subway decay, the smell of burning electricity, Jack Daniel's, medical illustrations, and certainly not least, working in his Brooklyn, NY studio. This is only a small sampling of Robert's many creative endeavors. His full body of photo, video, and fine art drawings work can be viewed online at MechanicalWhispers.com.

(Having a moment with H.R. Giger - Zurich, Switzerland 2005)

To My Future Muses...
I am VERY interested in meeting reliable models that I can develop an on-going professional relationship with. Those who are interested in the same type of dark sexual surrealism I portray in my work. And those who are interested in helping create images that will be seen in galleries all across the world. Please note that my images are highly conceptual and take a long time to develop and create. I encourage input from my models and develop an idea based around them. That being said, although I am happy to hear from models as they travel to the NYC area, and although a last minute shoot can be fun, please understand that it will rarely result in the imagery you see in my portfolio. Everything is designed from scratch including props, sets, costume, etc. and assembled with a specific idea in mind. And many many months of preparation are required, with the model being involved in the process. So please understand that communication, reliability, and enthusiasm are key for me. Nudity is not present in all my work, though it is prevalent. And I give priority to models who are comfortable with that.

Friend Requests...
Though I love and appreciate everyone who takes an interest in my work, I use this site for business networking. Please do not take it personally if your friend request is denied. Everyone on my friend's list is someone I've worked with or hope to work with. If I approved the hundreds of friend requests I get, I would be sorting through them for days just to find the person I need to contact. If you are a fan of my work, please visit and support me on one of my many other sites... or join the mailing list on my official website www.mechanicalwhispers.com.

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-Android Lust Music Video, Stained (Art Dept., Post FX) - 2004
-"Queen and Drones" Music Video (Art Dept., Post FX) - 2004
-"Mother" Presentation Pilot (Title Sequence Director) - 2005
-The Birthday Massacre Music Video, Blue (Miniatures, Post FX) - 2005
-Android Lust Music Video, Dragonfly (Art Dept., Camera B, Post FX) - 2005
-"Subway" Experimental Video (Model: Keleigh Black, MM#184629) - 2006
-"Cnidarian Siren" photo shoot (Models: Bella, Jade, May MM#179848) - 2006
-Albinus photo shoot (Model: Diana) - 2006
-Kittie Music Video, Funeral for Yesterday (Art Director) - 2007
-Reference Photo shoot (Model: Jin, MM#354093) - 2007
-Reference Photo shoot (Model: Julie, MM#59295) - 2007
-Reference Photo shoot (Model: Persiana, MM#200051) - 2007
-Sci-fi Photo shoot (Model: Julie, MM#59295) - 2007
-Backbone Photo shoot (Model: Jin MM#354093, May MM#179848, Ksenia MM#3136) - 2007
-Albinus photo shoot (Model: Diana) - 2007
-Slime photo shoot (Model: Kerri Taylor MM#982) - 2007
-Nail photo shoot (Model: Keleigh Black MM#184629) - 2007
-Cocoon video shoot (Model: Keleigh Black MM#184629) - 2007
-Latex video shoot (Model: Kerri Taylor MM#982) - 2007
-White Room video shoot (Models: Kerri Taylor MM#982, Carly Erin MM#13378) - 2007
-Reference photo shoot (Model: Sarah Elgut MM#113050) - 2008
-Reference photo shoot (Model: Vivi Ana MM#519747) - 2008
-Reference photo shoot (Model: Lauren WK MM#360189) - 2008
-Tron photo shoot (Model: Anneli) - 2008
-Casey Shea Music Video, Elephants (Post FX) - 2009

-Crescent Review Vol. 14, No. 3 - June 1996
-Crescent Review Vol. 15, No. 2 - March 1997
-Transgression (online interview) - January 2002
-Creativity Magazine (Stained Music Video) - April 2004
-Fangoria Magazine (Sixteen Tongues Feature Film work) - April 2004
-The Reel Magazine (Stained Music Video) - June 2004
-Cthulhu Sex Magazine (Fine Art feature) - February 2006
-Digit Magazine (Dragonfly Music Video) - April 2006
-SpikeVision.org (online interview) - November 2006
-Vamperotika (online interview) - June 2008
-Brutal As Hell (online interview) - May 2009
-Colors of the Dark (online feature) - July 2009
-Graphic Mania (online feature) - December 2009
-Design On The Rocks (online feature) - December 2009

-Savannah College of Art and Design Senior Show, GA - May 1997
-Conspiracy Underground, GA - June 1998
-Enchanted Artists (online gallery) - October 2001
-Rain Soul (online gallery) - December 2001
-Vampire Freaks (online gallery) - January 2002
-Cyril Magazine (online gallery) - February 2002
-House of Pain (online gallery) - January 2003
-Nine Inch Nails Art (online gallery) - May 2003
-SpookyArt (online gallery) - October 2004
-BYTE, NYC (Video Screening) - January 2006
-Chamber Dark Art Festival, NYC - September 2006
-KFMK Group Gallery Exhibition, NYC - October 2006
-Domination QXTs, NJ (Video Screening) - December 2006
-LookSee BAG Group Photo Exhibition, NYC - February 2007
-SMack! Halloween/Fetish Party (Video Screening) - October 2007
-DeviantArt Featured Horror Highlights (online gallery) - January 2008
-BYTE, NYC (Video Screening) - March 2008
-BYTE, NYC (Video Screening) - May 2008
-The Damned Show II (with H.R. Giger and Marilyn Manson) - October 2009
-The Dirty Show, Detroit MI - February 2010
-Carrie Underwood Play On Tour, USA (Video screens) - March 2010
-PornSaints, Austin TX - March 2010


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