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*In need of wardrobe for shoot ideas. If interested in working with me, please email me.*

*Accepting shoots for Zivity and DN as a form of "TF-"...*

I'm Victor, a young and ambitious photographer based out of Philadelphia. I do not consider myself an Alt Photographer, but I like to work with a lot of Alt models. My work is mostly all done in camera, or at least I try to. I have the capability and knowledge to do pretty much anything in photoshop as well (I can double as a "photoshop wizard"). You can read more about me if you like here: Short bio

If you want to book a shoot, just tell me that u want to work with me... it's that easy. To reach me more easily, please email me directly at studio206id@gmail.com.

*we make make sweet photo magic ;-)*
*only looking to work with models that are fun people to work with because I like to keep a fun work place ;-)*

*I'mma crazy Puerto Rican kid! Armed with a camera!! Watch out! O.O lol*

Victor F Rodriguez Jr
Studio 206 Imaging and Design
Ink Ninja
PR Underground
Studio 206 EV3NTS

Team Awesome Squad Pod!
Vic: 148598
Ana-X: 486345
Bell: 881316
Belle Morte: 1064713
Pagdon: 641396
Dean: The Web Guy
More about Team Awesome here: http://studio206id.com

Things for sale:

Order prints: http://studio206.deviantart.com/prints

"Alternative" poster now available at Passional and Solon Sugar!!! To order direct please contact me at studio206id@gmail.com to place your orders. Size available: 12x18 and 24x36





2009: Christina Cullen Memorial Award in Photography.
2007: Best B&W Photograph, "Victor"
2006: 1st Place in Photography, "The Kiss"
2006: Best In Show Illustration, series "Le Bambole di Porcellana"
2005: Honorable Mention in Photography, "The Pony", "Caged", and "Trapped"


http://www.vanishingtattoo.com (featured)
http://metaldollsxo.com (featured)

There are a lot of websites that I shoot for but have decided to not list them here. If you are interested in knowing what other sites I shoot for, please email me.

.:Clothing Companies | Designers | Wardrobe:.

Dirty Shrity: http://www.dirtyshirty.com/
1 Aeon: http://1aeon.com/
Alumni Clothing: http://www.ihateraquelreed.com/
Dementia Clothing: http://www.dementiaclothing.com/
Spiral Stitching: http://www.modelmayhem.com/440525
Kambriel: http://kambriel.com
Belle Morte: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1064713


2008-09 KULTureSHock! (event photographer)
2008 Snap'M, Featured July '08
2008 AC DTW Pinup Pageant *Sponsor* (AC Tattoo Convention)
2009 Obscura (featured artist)
2009 Catwalk Tragedy *staff photographer*
2009 Snap'M April '09 (featured photographer)
2009 Save the Bell fundraiser

.:Book Publications | Tear Sheets | Ads:.

2008 Culture de Tragedie
2008 Preschool Tea Party Massacre Album Cover
2009 Olympus E-30 ad campaign
2009 Olympus E-620 Brochure
2009 Philly CityPaper
2009 Philly Metro
2009 Photos for movie "Unbitten"


2007 Skin Illustrations

.:Gallery Expositions:.

2005 Art and Design; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2006 Art and Design; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2006 BCC's Best Of 2006; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2006 Photography; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2007 Featured Artist, Victor Rodriguez Jr. @ The Daily Grind, Mt. Holly, NJ (solo show)
2007 Art and Design; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2007 Photography; Mt. Holly, NJ (group show)
2008 Jr. Photography show, Uarts, Philly, PA. (group show)
2008 B2 Cafe, South Philly, PA. (group show)
2009 Uarts Sr. Photography show (group show)
2009 Silicon Gallery, Old City; Philly, PA. (group show)
2010 SPE's "Pin up" Show, Uarts, Philadelphia PA. (group show)

.:Creative Tools:. (helping me get the job done)

My Brain O.O!
Canon EOS Rebel GII
Canon EOS 20D
Canon AE-1
Olympus E-30
Mamiya RZ67 Pro
Hasselblad H1D
Toyo 4x5 Field Camera
Adobe CS3
MacBook Pro 
JTL Studio Systems



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Thanks for the FR! Hope we can work together some day
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