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About Me

I live for this...

I'm a self-taught photographer based in the Inland Empire.

I Love To Shoot F A S H I O N | B E A U T Y | E D I T O R I A L

I am looking for creative and talented models, stylists, and/or hair/make-up artists in the Inland Empire or within 60 miles to collaborate with. (If you pay me for the project+Travel, ignore this)

I'm just looking to meet and talk to other creative people who like this industry as much as i do

If I don't get back to you its because I'm busy, not because I don't appreciate it!

Look forward to working with you!

What I look for in a model:
1) Arrives on time and prepared to a photoshoot.
2) Responds to messages in a timely manner.
3) Has excellent facial skin complexion.
4) Doesn't need an escort because she has self-esteem, is independent, and wants to focus on the photoshoot.
**ESCORTS**: I would prefer to work without your escort but you may bring a female one. I have excellent references from models and other professionals in the industry and that should suffice. If you bring an escort and they are willing to help (carry, hold or guard equipment) when needed, or sit quietly out of the way when not, then they are welcome. Please contact me regarding this if you have any questions.
5) Will disclose any discrepancy(s) regarding her profile & portfolio and her actual appearance.

If we're doing TF*, I will be giving you the EDITED photos only. Please don't ask for all of the pictures!