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I try to capture my images as natural as possible, not just in the processing, but in the moment with my models. I feel that a photo is meant to be preserving a memory or creating one, and as such, something forced just doesn't work.
I love getting to know the people i work with, chatting with them and helping them feel more comfortable working with me. It's in that, I feel, that the best images can be created! And the most passionate of moments ready to share!

If you'd like to work with me, i can be reached directly by my email dcrewe@gmail.com or info@davidjcrewe.com. The rest of my contact information can be found on my website, http://www.davidjcrewe.com

Currently residing in San Diego, CA and have finally acquired and serviced the rest of my gear and i'm ITCHING to shoot! Message me for details!

Since i'm new to the area, I'm also looking to meet some designers, hair stylists, & MUA's to do some work together and hopefully build a lasting business relationship.

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Lindsay McNally (#2236402)
Ebony Harnish (#2312014)
Andrea Casey (#1480325)
Wendy Reid (#1579359)
Cat Downie (#683415)
Vanessa Furlong (#1289045)
Corinne Victoria (#1530282)
Skye McIsaac (#1356786)
Alison Beaulieu (#1511308)
Kelsey Andrews (#554642)
Nessa Comeau (#1933661)
Stoo Metz (#1852087)
Nessa "HACKEDbutterfly" (#1662550)
Vicki Martin MUA (#854199)
Vicki Mina MUA (#1715509)
Rabbit Racer (#1245814)
Aevs (#1516567)
Jasmine Bowen (#149161)
Madison Skye Ingram (#1246933)
Fallon Jones
Fallen Matthews
Raine Angel
Brittney Firth
Laura Nurse
Amy Kerr
Ally Hogan
Sarah Murphy
Stephen Kinch
Matt Labucki
Emma Cooper
Dylan Rhymer
Peter Farmer
Dame Alexander
Garrett Mason
Stone Mary
Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold
Chere Jones
Anna Danova
Perry Paris

Thrush Hermit 2010 Reunion Tour
Picnicface Improve and Sketch Comedy
Halifax Music Club
Tim Horton's 2010 Brier
DJ Heavygrinder - Paragon Theater Halifax
Ceilidh For Critters - Halifax Nova Scotia - Sept 27, 2010
ECMA & SpinCount Present (Season Opener) - Halifax Nova Scotia - Oct 3, 2010
Turbine Showcase - Halifax Nova Scotia - Nov 2010
Nuovo Inizio Charity Lingerie Show at Pacifico Nightclub - Halifax Nova Scotia - Nov 20, 2010
HRM Firefighters Calendar Release Party and Lingerie Fashion Show -- AUG 12, 2010 at JOKERS COMEDY CLUB

Published/Featured in;
Faces Magazine
The Coast
Metro News
PEI Jazz & Blues Festival
East Coast Blues Society
http://www.eastcoastblues.ca/pdfs/Blues … 202010.pdf


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Amazing port!
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Very nice Port!! Welcome to IS
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