About Me

i shoot mostly the beach and local public-parks although I am all the time thinking outside the box for what hasnt been done and go for it. I would love to shoot some more model/sunrise shoots. [if you would like to attempt this, let me know. perhaps tfdvd?] I love to shoot head and head/shoulders. i think this brings out more of what the model has to offer. {so then having said all that, if your female and needing any port work, please by all means feel free to contact me!!! [I am currently only shooting female models}
I am currently shooting paid nude-beach shoots[currently female models, if you love the beach email me for more information about shoot location and amount being paid per shoot, this is a two hour shoot at a local public beach.

http://picasaweb.google.com/rebeldslr AND
if by any chance you like any of what i have shot so far, please comment. if you didnt. well, cant please everyone...right?