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Hair Stylists: Bekim Benjamin Osmani MM#780199


Dane Halo, MM# 1393247 Trishii, MM# 1153250
Zaneth, MM# 1224529 Britney Sands, MM# 526953
Desadere, MM#1187527 Okasana Pavlova, MM# 1550914
Anya Y,MM# 523396 Valerie Barrington, MM# 111065
Nicole, MM# 1606957(x2) Farah, MM# 424373
Saralgurl, MM# 1572403 Blazzn Fenix, MM# 1620900
Yana, Non MM Member Kameren Jade, MM# 1641561
Trishia Rush, MM# 1548980 Miss Jacquel, MM# 1631823
Jalyssia Troupe, MM#1328847 Christina Theresa Non MM
Annelise Adams MM#1662238 Jessica Lynn87 MM#1118704
Lauren Bowen MM#1652226 (x3) DR Meryssabel MM#1103902 (x4)
Oh Baby Hannah MM#1303877 Lady Grimm 66 MM#1498027
cori be MM#1683879
Dakota Summerton MM#1376984 Deidre Lee MM# 1751347
Xenia MM#1779574 Lisica MM#1624914
Blaque_Rayne MM# 1866805 JmArIe03 MM# 878829
Jennifer J. Brown MM#1909756 Katie Glover MM#1653862
Leyonna MM#1944489 Jenn A Syde MM#1984283

Reviews and Comments:

Dane Halo, MM# 1393247

Thanks SO much for our shoot today! It was great talking with you and sharing information. I would suggest to all models interested in working with you that they contact you and discuss ideas. You're definitely coming along, and I can't wait to check back and see how far you've gone, because I know you'll go far!

Nic Nicoletti (Photographer)

Kelly it was great having you join us at the boating and Island shoot on Sunday. The girls had a great time and you captured some really great images of them. I could not have handled the shoot as easily if you had not been there. I think we are doing it again a week from Saturday. I will let you know for sure as soon as I confirm with Brad the boat is available.

Miss Jacquel, MM# 1631823

Hey Kelly! It was awesome shooting with you too dear! You made me smile the whole time... You're such a sweet guy! Can't wait to see our images! Hit me up! I wanna do a couple shoot with you... Thanks for the request!!! X0xo... Jacquel~

Annelise Adams MM#1662238

I had so much fun as well! I can't wait to spend my life waking up every morning to days like that one! I'm so excited to see the final pictures,......

Dakota Summerton MM#1376984

It was nice working with you on sat! we got some great shoots!! keep up the good work!!

Bailey Murdock MM#1692833

kelly! the photos turned out awesome! your an awesome photographer! it was nice working with you! we should do it again!

Candi Morrow MM#1608278

Thank you so much Kelly 0) it was nice working with you too! I look forward to next time, I'm sure we'll come up with something really awesome!!

Jessy Juliana Q Mm#1779566

0 Had a blasty blast with mister Kelly at our "all day" shoot lol he is wonderful 0 Very fun person and his work really does look beautiful! Very patient and polite:)

Bess Monroe MM#1828679


Brooke T Holmes MM#1522583

I never got the chance to say it was a pleasure working with you a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for giving me the opportunity! 0)

LAfl MM# 241583

Hey! Thanks much for the great tag comment, It was nice working with you and will do it soon again:)

ParysStarr MM#1671873

Hey Kelly, thanks soo much for everything.Thanks for letting me stay with you. I had an amazing time doing a weekend shoot with you. You are very good at what you do and since the shoot I've gotten alot of compliments on my pics, and I've had alot of success from it. So thank you.

Vivian Bouchard MM#166987

Kelly!!! It was so great working with you! Yeah, it was pretty hot, and you were great capturing all my poses 0 I am looking forward for more sessions with you!! Hope you had a great weekend!!! 0

Leyonna MM# 1944489

0 THANK YOU SO MUCH KELLY. && DONT THANK ME. YOU ARE AN AH-MAZiNG PHOTOGRAPHER. you made me feel comfortable even thouqh i was nervous like crazy. && ii definately look forward to workinq with you aqain. 0 xoxoxox

Katie Glover MM# 1653862

Thank you again for Saturdays shoot. You are a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with you again. xoxo -Katie

Jennifer J. Brown MM# 1909756

I had a blast shooting with you you are a true pleasure to work with!


12 Jun 11 11:46
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
30 Jan 11 10:50
thanks for all the comments. perhaps it's time to see if we can't set something up? ;)
18 Jan 11 10:47
Amazing port! love it! St Pete is gorgeous!
04 Jan 11 15:57
Welcome to iStudio All the best!
03 Jan 11 00:18
Ah good, I see you found your way over here! Welcome aboard! ;^)
03 Jan 11 00:12
Thanks for the FR Kelly! I KNOW our paths will be crossing soon enough! ;^)
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