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Weight:145 lbs
Measurements:34-28-37 in
Shoe Size:10
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Join:6 Jan 2006

About Me

~A Little About Me~

I am Twenty One years old and currently live in New York and am working full time in pursuit of my modeling career. I am originally from Missouri where I lived with my family, or at least what was left of it. I grew up with my five sisters and one brother in a small neighborhood on a lake. I used to get into a fair amount of trouble growing up because I was a bit off a tom boy...okay I was a huge tom boy. When exactly the transition took place I do not know. Modeling is one of my passions but I have many including Horses. I am majoring in Animal Science and obtaining my minor in Equine Studies.

~How I Got Started~

There was a family that lived down the street from me growing up that I used to baby sit for. The mom was a model and new that I had always wanted to model. She started taking me to photo shoots with her including my very first one. Let me tell you those first pictures were so raw it makes me laugh. As a matter of fact the man that took those first few shots of me was quite the pervert. By the end of the photo shoot he had flirted, made passes and asked me at fourteen to pose naked for him. Of course I got out of there as fast as I could, scared to ever do another shoot. I didnt know anything about the business then but I continued to model anyway and as I did more shoots I learned more about modeling.

~My Modeling Experience~

I have been modeling since I was fourteen years old and have done many photo shoots in several different styles. I have worked with quite a few very experienced photographers and models that have helped me come as far as I have. I am semi-professional with experience in studio, outdoor, and home shoots. I have modeled every type of style from casual to artistic nude. I adapt well to whatever my surroundings have to be. I can work in almost any condition at any place. Modeling is about the excitement and beauty for me and a true model will be able to pull off amazing photos in any situation or circumstances that arise. I have done TFP, TFCD and paid shoots. I have yet to do any commercial work but it is on the list. I have a unique ability to connect very fast with most photographers. It is important to be on the same page and know what the general goal in a shoot is and I pick up on that very fast. I am also experienced in runway, print, and have done a lot of advertisment and promotional work.

~The Styles of Modeling I Will Not Do~

I will not do erotic or nude modeling period! Also I am no longer doing artistic nude or lingerie shoots. Please do not even ask or offer me a job if it includes any of the styles that I have mentioned.

~The Styles of Modeling I Will Do~

I will do casual, glamour, fashion, headshots, swimwear, print/editorial, hair, makeup, parts modeling, trade shows, charity events, advertisement and most any other style that does not involve any of the ones that I listed under The Styles of Modeling I Will Not Do.

~My Current Style Preference~

For the time being I am taking a break from casual style modeling. I am looking for paid work or a TFP (very limited) involving a more rigid style of modeling. I would like to obtain unique, breathtaking and out there photos. I feel adventurous and want to try new styles and outrageous looks.

~What To Expect from Me at A photo Shoot~

I have yet to show up to a photo shoot unprepared. I may over pack sometimes but in most cases it has worked out to my advantage because something I bring almost always sparks an idea for the photographer or myself. I take being punctual very seriously and have only been late to one photo shoot. It was a joint photo shoot that I set up for a friend and myself and her baby got sick and had to be taken to the hospital, so the shoot was postponed a couple of hours. I know that time is money for most people so I try my hardest to get you the most pictures out of a shoot no matter the length. I change quickly and can redo hair and makeup fairly fast to squeeze as much photo time out of a shoot as possible. Do not be surprised or offended if I make suggestions about the set, your photography or something pertaining to the shoot. I like to help and have an eye for detail. I dont suggest things a lot but when I see something that could be improved to help us both get the most out of the shoot I will. I by no means do it to put down your experience or expertise. I respect you as the photographer no matter your level in the business. Lastly I guarantee you that you will walk away from a shoot with me pleased. I promise that there will be at least a few pictures that you will be very proud to be the photographer of.

~What I Expect from You at A Photo Shoot~

I expect you as the photographer to be prepared and ready to go when I arrive. Sometime things come up and thats understandable but I expect you to contact me and let me know if something like that happens. By being prepared I mean having the set ready your camera set up and your equipment near by incase you need to switch a picture stick or a lens. You should have at least a few props ready near by like a fan, mirror, stool or other equivalent props. This of course only applies to set ups in which you would be able to use such props. You should be professional and maintain such a mannerism throughout the shoot. That includes not asking, implying or suggesting that I model a style that I have listed or expressed as a no go. If I feel that you are getting to friendly or comfortable in the wrong way then I will get uncomfortable and that is going to result in mediocre pictures and a slim chance of ever shooting with me again. I want to hear your opinion and suggestions back at me. If you think something would look better another way or that my posture, makeup, hair or expressions could be improved please SAY SOMETHING! In most cases I do not think you will have to worry about those things but just in case. If you have something you would like me to try like a pose, set, outfit etc... please speak up I am always open to and appreciative of fresh ideas and trying new things no matter how crazy they seem. Lastly I do expect my photos back either on CD or negatives. If this is a problem please let me know and we will discuss it.

Photographers that I have worked with and highly recommend:

Name: OMP IDs: Company Name:

Ron Barlow: 21731 (Barlow Productions Inc.

Ron Sloan: 37726 (Treasured ImagesPhotography)

Doyle Whitten: 4150 (DEW Photographics)

David Walter: 29325 (Black Dog Imaging)

Jim Ferguson: 126830 (Photography by: Jim Ferguson)

Justin Barnes: 7630 (Barnes Photography)

Models I have worked with and highly recommend:

Name: OMP IDs:

Miriam Fears: 31339

Jill Crocker: 30403

Aloha Walter: 17774

Kelly Anderson: 152074

Ashley Anderson: 152898

Michelle Sutton: 227806

Kayla Perterson: 254047