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I am a seasoned New York Fashion photographer specializing in theme, High fashion and Pop Art Photography. I have been highly exposed to the NY and euro fashion circuit, photographing Fashions A-list for a number of years - Mostly editorial/high fashion (location, studio and runways). I have worked with and consulted some of the best theme /fashion photog's in the industry. I usually take on the arduous task of resurrecting the image of dying brands, but have not only limited myself to fashion photography, Ive worked with most of the big Record Co's, P.R. Firms, Modeling and Ad Agencies. I now live in South Florida but travel extensively for my clients. I work with numorous clients a month; now I am looking to spread my wings to the Florida market and contribute my talent to bring out the distinct style that South Florida so despirately needs.
Unlike most south Florida photogos I dont do Lingerie, nudes, or anything hootchie. My specialty is magazine covers, Editorial and commercial work. I consider myself a True Photographer with a fine eye, not a photoshop-er with a camera. All my work carries that unmistakeable/ authentic edge you see in established magazines and Fashion houses have come to demand. reason is because I was Cultured in the NYC Fashion industry. For my personal enjoyment, I have applied my talents to the world of Pop Art and very reciently I have taken on an editorial position with a local Magazine heading their newly fashion dept. Because of my clients, I am in constant search for new talent and all the Makup artists I work with here keep sugesting I set up an account because there is a community of legit peope here, so Here I am and here is a very very small sample of my work for your enjoyment. Bare in mind, I never post my best work in cyberspace.

I am based in Miami Beach/ Palm Beach and NY and always have availability for shoots




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nice port
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