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We specialize in making erotic spanking videos. Trust me, there's a huge market for this silly stuff.

Aside from the spanking itself, this job does NOT involve any intimate touching and includes no XXX content. Our models are instructed to act like "unhappy campers" and to yell, threaten and scream throughout the proceedings. As the action unfolds, the model gradually looses various items of clothing until she is all but nude. Our content is shot and edited in such a way so as to produce a sexy (albeit bizarre) atmosphere with touches of dry humor sprinkled throughout. The spanking itself is real, but not as intense as we make it look.

What really sets us apart from the competition are the ladies we select for our videos. Sleek, sexy and elegant is the image we're seeking. Contact us for all the details.

Models paid in CA$H on the day of the shoot.



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