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Welcome to the iStudio home of The Stocking Project! My other work can be viewed at

The idea for the stocking project was inspired by several pictures I've seen recently that prominently featured women wearing cuban-footed stockings/hose with intricate designs woven into the fabric. Personally, I found these works to be very feminine and classy, but at the same time sensual. My concept is to compile a body of work using the stockings as a central theme or common factor. My vision is to pair the stockings with vintage lingerie/attire to give the work a retro look as I feel this represents a classical beauty. Most of the images will be processed in Monochrome as I feel this produces a more "artistic" look, but I may do some in color if it benefits the shot and the overall collection. I intend to shoot everything against either a plain black or white backdrop and will place a heavy emphasis on light and shadow which in my opinion will add to the beauty of the work.
As to the overall logistics, this is a new project that I just recently decided to undertake, so in that sense, it is a work in progress and is evolving. What I can say definitely so far is that the main goal of the project will be to secure a gallery exhibition(s) of the work and I have committed myself to donate half of the proceeds of any work sold to Breast Cancer Research and Assistance. As for model compensation, I will provide a CD of all images taken along with edited copies of the finished work. I will also credit the model for her participation in the project. I plan on including two images of each model in the final collection. One chosen by me and the other by the model herself. Finally, if the model desires it, I will provide a new pair of Cuban Stockings/pantyhose to be used in the shoot and these will kept by the model. Of course, if the model has a suitable pair of stockings and would like to be photographed in them, they are more than welcome to use them. In return, I will require that the model sign a release for use of the images. As to the other wardrobe, I have some vintage lingerie that could be used, but I am leaving the wardrobe choice up to the model.
It is my intent for this project to photograph any woman who would like to pose for the project as the overall vision of the project is the celebration of classic feminine beauty. I believe this also gives the project a democratic aspect which in my belief, is consistent with the charitable goals of the project. Also, while I have an overall vision, it is my intent to portray the models in such a way that the images say something about the personality of the subject. In that vein, I am completely open to ideas and poses that come from the model, because who knows yourself better than you.
The location for the shoot is open. I operate a small studio out of my home which I use primarily for headshots and could also work for this project, but since all of my lighting equipment is portable, I would be willing to come to a location of your choice. Escorts are welcome if you decide to shoot at the house. I only ask that they either help with a part of the shoot (hair, MU, set-up, etc.), or they remain unobtrusive while we are shooting. Should I receive enough response to warrant it, and can get schedules synched, I would be willing to rent studio space in order to shoot several models during a day long session. As to individual sessions, I believe that they will last 1-2 hours.