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About Me

Hi, And welcome to my new page, My name is Cory, I've been doing photography for a little over a year and I really enjoy working with models and creating interesting images. I love working with newbie models to help their ports, But nowadays I'm really looking to work with more experienced models to help my port. I'm very professional and enjoyable to work with, Looking to make friends and create new and interesting things. My style is very experimental, freestyle and not centered around being the best photographer, but rather doing something I find to be unique and challenging, Please contact me if you want to shoot! :)

side note: please don't come to me wanting to "recreate" something you saw elsewhere, I'm not interested in copying someone else's idea, it's cool if you've got something fresh you want to do, but when you send me images of things you want to do, it's already not interesting to me because now I am directly copying someone, I want to keep it fresh and straight from the heart, and I'm sorry if that makes me "unprofessional", but I just like doing what I do because it's creatively liberating, and I want to keep it fun and real.


Ashly Jaques, December 2008/January 2009
Allie Belle, February 2009
Amanda Galvan, February 2009
Ami Darling, February 2009
Jessica White, March 2009
Crystal C Blue, April 2009
Marina Bennett, May 2009
Summer Morris, July/September 2009
Jennah Jensen, December 2009