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I am a beginning freelance photographer building a portfolio. my specialty is glamour and erotic photography of women of all colors. I am on this site to meet serious, focused amateur, semi-amateur and experienced models looking to take part in quality projects, to build quality portfolios, and to form dependable and positive working relationships with other creative professionals including other photographers, makeup artists and Photoshop wizards.

I shoot nudes including, partial nudes, implied nudes, artistic nudes. I also shoot lingerie and sexy glamour including swimwear and clubwear. So there is no misunderstanding about what I shoot. Please don't make the assumption that just because I have assorted NUDES in my port, that means that's what I expect from each and every shoot. What fun would that be?

If I send you a friend request, it is because I'd like to shoot with you on a TFCD basis or I like your work. Likewise, if you send me a friend request, it is because you'd like to shoot with me TFCD, and are willing to shoot the nudes,implied nudes,artistic nudes, glamour and lingerie pics as well as the looks you wish to shoot or you like my work. These are my definitions of the above categories:

*Lingerie = underwear/ night gowns (eye candy/glamour)

*Glamour = sexy, showing lots of skin, enticing, seductive

*Artistic = expressionism or abstractionism, the body viewed from a poetic/abstract but nonsexual perspective

*Implied Nudes = the model is nude but covered by herself or a prop

*Nudes= Classic Playboy-style, tastefully done

I have a passion to create sexy images and help models get experience and add to their portfolios. I love to collaborate. Please don't hesitate to bring me your ideas and concepts. I want to work with models who aren't afraid to expand their boundaries. If you think you'd like to work together, send me a message and we can discuss it.

A photo shoot is a collaboration between the photographer and the model. We can create some fantastic images by working together!



Miss Kiff - MM#853300


10 Apr 14 15:55
Nice port!
20 Jan 14 11:30
Nice work!
16 Sep 12 15:45
thanks for viewing my profile and thanks for the pic comment!
10 Sep 12 20:37
Well a visit can be arranged!! :) Your port is very dreamy like, i am pleased to say it was very great to look at :)
20 Aug 12 21:23
Thank you for the comment! Nice port!
05 Aug 12 13:35
Thank you for the friend request and the listing.. You are very creative look forward to seeing more of your work...
05 Aug 12 01:58
Thanks Michael. You too! God bless always.
30 Jul 12 15:42
Thank you for the list, very appreciated! Brenda
26 Jul 12 21:28
Thank you so much
26 Jul 12 14:07
Thanks for the request and tag
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