About Me

My photo partner and I did a great deal more work, but my partner is gone off to a sunnier climate and I do more non-print advertising!

I'm not as active as I once was, but I'm glad MM is here!

Many moons ago, I also had the good fortune to have shot Mather. She was simply marvelous to work with! A true "muse."

Sometimes, when I have the time, I'll do TFP/CD. I enjoy pinup, vintage, glam, fetish and abstract. I have fun with re-creations, side by sides and spoofs.



22 Jul 14 14:10
Amazing work!
19 Jul 11 07:23
Great port...Maybe we can wrok together...:)
11 Jan 11 11:26
thank you :)
09 Jan 11 20:47
thanks for the FR! Love your port!
03 Jan 11 11:35
Thanks for the FR add...I enjoy your work!
31 Dec 10 11:04
thanks for the FR! perhaps our paths will cross someday! ;^)
26 Dec 10 20:04
Thanks for the nice tag and the friend! :) Hope you're enjoying your Christmas
16 Dec 10 11:30
great port! thanks so much for the tag! i truly apprecaite it!! :)
07 Dec 10 22:19
Thanks for the fr. Love your port
06 Dec 10 22:19
Thanks for your love! Amazing port!!! Big kisssss
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