About Me

I'm a photographer from the Gold Coast, Australia, specialising in Fashion, Portrait and Architectural photography with a background in graphic design.

I am always on the lookout for anyone interested in collaborating on some interesting and creative ideas. I have no preference of genre, and am open to anything, no matter how crazy or impossible it may seem!

I am currently not taking on any TFP work but if you are interested in a shoot let me know and I can send though my rate sheets. I promise they aren't scary!

You can contact me by email at: info@mhphotos.com.au




Margot Robbie
Julia Koenig
Elizabeth Bickley
Klad #1487435
Miss Scarlett #708173
Aylin Tempest #1404370
Sheena Pheonix
Bettie Butcher #692695
Amber Flavia
Liz Usher
Layla Belle #1539011
Haylee Comet #1677376
Rob Bampton #1651971
Madeline Glasseater
Laura Price
Lou Klatte
Anna Boss Dancey
Evelyn Ellenor
Drea Morsby
Krystle Marie
Below Dark Water
Christiana Zimmerman
Leigh Des Jardin
Blue Velvet
Jacqui "Willow" Thomas