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About Me

***What is The Intimate Eye?

Photography is an intimate, deeply emotional process. It challenges me to look differently at the world around me, to engage with it, interpret it, and find ways to share that with you.

My photos have hung in museums and galleries, run on the AP's A-wire, and appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world. Some hang on the walls of my clients' homes and offices. Some are probably stuffed in shoeboxes in the bottom of closets.

My goal is to be open to living and seeing with passion, intimacy and wonder. And through my photographs, I want to share that vision and energy with you, touch the lives of my subjects and my audience, and have all of us feel the fervor and energy of drinking life to the lees. My challenge is to capture a feeling, to tell the three-dimensional story of a person or a place or a mood, when my tools are two-dimensional and I only have 1/60th, or 1/125th of a second.

I hope that my photographs will stir you and make you feel the passion in my subjects and in me. Look at my photographs. And then look at the world a little differently. I invite you to join me on my walkabout through our world.

***The Intimate Eye on You

I'm always shooting a variety of projects - themed storylines, environmental portraits (people in a context that conveys their interests, jobs or passions), artistic nudes, erotic and more. And I am always looking for models (no one under the age of 21) with an interest in collaborating on a shoot in any of these genres.

I can also work with you on the photos that you need to build your portfolio, and am willing to do limited TFCD with people who interest me and for ideas that intrigue me. I can provide references from models who are using my photos on their websites, in print advertising, in framed photos in their spaces, and as coffee table books.

I work and shoot throughout the Boston-Philadelphia axis, and throughout New England. I travel with a full studio setup of strobes, stands, umbrellas, lightboxes, snoots, backgrounds, etc. This means that I can come to you and do a studio setup in the comfort of your own home, office, or other location.

A photo shoot is a collaborative process between the model and the photographer. The best results are obtained when we talk a few days before the shoot and discuss our mutual vision, purpose, theme, requirements and limits. (You can bring a chaperone to the shoot, but that person must understand they are an escort and not an assistant, client or critic.)

I will provide you with digital copies of the photos from our shoot, including the ones that I edit and enhance. (I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.)

Note: I will not work with models under the age of 21, even for my mainstream vanilla work. Please do not send friend requests if you are not at least 21 years old. If we do a shoot together, you will need two forms of government-issued id, with pictures, and have to sign a standard model release.

***What are people saying about The Intimate Eye?

"The more I see your work, the more I love it. Bob, you area gr8 photographer and I loved modeling for you!" - Lilith (NYC, San Paulo)

"That was a great shot, and the shoot was good fun. I can't wait until the next shoot! It was definitely a pleasure working with you!" - Lenore (NYC)

"Would love to do a shoot with you as I am a fan of your photographs." - Gabriella (London, Munich)

"Love it! That was a great shoot! Was a pleasure working with you! I think you were able to capture something very real with this shoot. There was no artificial posing, just real moments captured. Looking forward to working with you again." - Elura (NYC)

"Love it! That was a great shoot... I must give a big thank you to Bob. It was a beautiful shoot." - Chloe (NYC)


I have had the pleasure of working with these models and the honor of collaborating with these photographers:

Wenona, FL - MM #25021
Lenore, NYC
Carlton SooHoo, MA - MM #299616
Lilith, NYC, San Paulo
LadyJ, MA - MM inactive
Chloe, NYC


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