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About Me

Hi, and thanks for stopping by and having a look at my profile and port.

My name is Frederick. I'm a very experienced amateur photographer working from my studio in Northfield, NJ, and on location in the Jersey Shore area. I started shooting film in 1979, including wet darkroom work in Color and B&W. Now in the digital age, I enjoy shooting and retouching more than ever. I'm trying to turn my life-long passion into a business. I currently specialize in fashion, glamour, portraits, pin-up, boudoir, beach portraits and portfolio building for aspiring models.

If you care to leave a comment about my work, please do.

I'm here because I have a passion for making art through digital images. My shoots are 100% professional and always a lot of fun, with the model's comfort level being top priority. If you need references, let me know.

At present, I'm offering TF* shoots to any models who have unique ideas, and for new models, just starting out, who need help with portfolio building. If you're new, I'll gladly help coach you to get the best shots for you. A pre-shoot meeting and a model release will be required. Shoot me an email and we'll discuss the details.

You can view more of my work by clicking the link at the top under my name.

Models that have worked well with me in the past will get first dibs at my paid shoots as they become available.

Published in: - Featured on the Homepage - March 2011

Vintage Kittens Online Magazine - (coming out in) May 2011


Quotes from my models-

"I was so very comfortable working with you!!!"

"I love it! I really am very happy with everything!"

"I love all the pics you've sent. You made Traci and I both feel very comfortable and we would both love to shoot with you again."

"I really appreciate you helping me out with my portfolio! It was great working with you and I look forward to shooting with you again. =) "

"Thank u so much for a fantastic shoot today :) I had so much fun!"

"we def did work great together. these pics are awesome!! i look forward to working w/ u again and im def up for any ideas and concepts :)
i'll def send models ur way"

" :) thank u! i am getting some fabulous feedback on these pics!! everyone loves them"


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