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Here's how I fly: I've been in the business world for nearly 22 years. I value my clients and will only put models/MUA's in front of them who are professional. This means showing up on time, acting professionally, communicating effectively etc.
I also like to have fun...but always maintain a business relationship with clients and models. If you can follow the above ethics, we'll have fun together, get paid and get great shots.
I act professionally and expect the same of those I work with/hire. Simply put, if you treat someone well, they'll tell a few of their friends. If you treat someone badly, they'll tell EVERYONE THEY KNOW.
0 ~ a list of veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their portfolios. Current international membership is 600+

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I have been photographing beautiful people for over 14 years. Using the latest in digital technology, I specialize in bringing a model's personality out in front of the camera. I'm an expert in making people feel at ease and showing them how beautiful they look in film or on the screen.

At FlirtynFun Photography we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible look for our customers. We offer lingerie, glamour, head shots, swimwear, fitness, couples shots, artistic nudes and candids.

Whether you're a beginner or an established professional, I can provide you with unique, quality photos to meet your portfolio or other promotional needs. Primarily a location photographer, I work under standard model releases and can offer you your choice of either low-cost prints or a cd with high resolution images. I can also circulate your photos to a wider photographers' circle if you are interested in gaining more exposure.
Please keep the following in mind before contacting me: photography is an expensive and time-consuming task, e.g. film, processing, editing, location fees, preparation, travel, etc. NO FLAKES, PLEASE!
For my portfolios, I only offer TFP/CD services to FEMALE MODELS WHO ARE SKILLED AND CLEARLY MARKETABLE. For those wishing to hire me, I charge reasonable rates, am very easy to work with and will succeed in creating the pictures of your dreams. NEW MODELS: If modeling is something you REALLY want to pursue, having a good portfolio is crucial for finding work. If you have a great look, why not give yourself the advantage of having unique photos in a portfolio that present your many styles and personalities. Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to working with you soon.

Mike North



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