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About Me

I've joined this website to show some of my work. I am a photographer with a more photo-journalistic style. I'm here to work with new people and have fun. I enjoy taking photographs and I hope that shows in my images. If you're interested in working with me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I think most models here are just trying to get started and I can help, but I will only do limited TFCD shoots with people who am I interested in working with. Please contact me for my rates. I'm willing to work with anyone, but I do expect some professionalism in your attitude and work ethic. (i.e. show up on time, call if you can't make it.)

Looking forward to working with you!

All friend requests should be accompanied by a tag, a comment, or email...just any type of contact. I'm here to network, work with new people, and hopefully find people who want to hire me. Thanks!