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My wife and I have been running a successful photography studio out of our home for the last 4 years now. We decided to start DivisionONE as sort of our creative artistic escape from all the typical portrait, wedding, and commercial work.

DivisionONE is kind of our more artistic, edgier alter ego. The other stuff pays the bills, but it can get a little boring to shoot after a while. So we started DivisionONE in hopes of meeting new interesting like minded artists, models, photographers, and MUAs to network with, create some amazing art with, and hopefully learn a thing or two from.

We're both very laid back and easy to get along with. If you like our style (whatever that is at the time) and you would like to work together, drop us a line anytime. Because we do run a studio full time, we can't work with everyone all the time, but we will do selective TF* shoots when we have the time. Please understand if we are doing a TF* shoot with you that our paying clients work has to come first. Meaning we give no specific time frame that you will get your images back. We'll work on them as fast as we can, but only after we're done with our paying clients work. This means during the busy portrait/wedding season it will take longer to get your images back. But we guarantee that the images will be well worth the wait! And if you just can't stand to wait to get your TF* images back... HIRE US! Paying clients will always receive top priority and speedy service. Our rates are reasonable and our customer service in unmatched!

Thanks for checking us out!

P.S. Please don't contact us if you are only seeking paid work. We are doing this purely for fun and to have an artistic outlet. We totally understand that many of you very much deserve to be paid well for your craft, but if we're not making any money off of your images, we can't afford to pay you either. We just don't have a budget for hiring anyone at this time. Thanks for understanding.

Now who wants to create some art?



10 Jun 16 02:10
You have nice works! love it!
05 Jan 11 11:06
Well Nick really wanted the fishnets with the corset! I did my hair and makeup for that shoot. Fairly simple, but did the trick. Thank you for your comment and I really look forward to our shoot! :)
03 Jan 11 12:28
WOW all I have to say is amazing and stunning portfolio. I love your work. Beautiful models you have work with as well. Would love to chat sometime about working with you in the New year..
16 Nov 10 18:33
Great Work!!
13 Sep 10 17:04
Thanks for the Add, You have fantastic work!
24 Aug 10 15:30
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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