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I used to be heavily into 35mm photography, but drifted away from the 'hobby'. I entered the digital photography world reluctantly a while back, mostly with interest in landscapes and Nature photography. I was recently inspired by a model friend ( check her portfolio out... ....she is my muse ) and fell into the world of model photography. Though novice, I do have a strong desire to learn model photography and would appreciate any model who would be willing and patient to work with me while I learn. I have also discovered a passion for digital imaging and editing. I am also new to this but learning and developing quickly. Some of my work is in my portfolio. I would love the opportunity work on any images anyone is kind enough to allow me to practice on. I also welcome any and all critique (just don't be TOO mean to me lol)

so....calling out to any models/photographers who would be willing to work with/teach an eager but 'new' photographer, and also to any photographers/models who would be willing to let me work on their images



More of my work (including as photographer) at and mm#1756395


"retouching, dodging, burning, darkroom manipulations are for us to correct the errors that God made ". -Ansel Adams

" the modeling world, pudge is everywhere" -Jordan Crump

Amanda x3 MM#1392875 -For being my friend, my inspiration and my muse

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Ambersun # 1694495
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Mercedes Miller # 1332083
Olive Tree #1244577
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Christina Love #1315957
Alix Harig - not on MM - look her up on facebook
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Glam and Co. Makeup #1554129
Amortentia by Alice # 1682805


Olivia Bonner # 1272605
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