About Me

Wasup? First of all, My name is Orlondo (feel free to hit me up on face book) but majority of the people call me "O". I been into photography for about 6 years now but really started getting serious about it 3 years ago. I also edit all my pictures I shoot, I wouldn't consider myself a "Photoshop Wizard" but more of a Photoshop Wiz" I been editing pictures for more then 6 years. I went to Purdue for Photography and working on getting a degree in Business. I actually dont have a studio at the moment but I built my own In-home studio. I use to do nothing but wedding shoots but now i'm expanding to commercial/fashion/portrait/free lance shooting.

find me on facebook: Orlondo Lowry
and "O" Pro-Ductions : http://www.facebook.com/pages/O-Pro-Ductions/134839859865414?ref=ts
I'm now on Skype: Therealopro

I keep everything professional but i love having fun when i shoot. I'm not a big fan of robot type poses..you're basic JC penny type shooting..i'm more of a freestyle shooter..i'm up for any and all kinds of shooting. I'm also working on expanding my portfolio as much as possible but sometimes its alil harder due to working all the time.

I'm down to work with about anybody. If you're photogenic then we're in business. If you're not photogenic but want some pictures done..we'll work something out and then..we're in business. I'm wanting to re-create some pictures that i seen but put my twist to it and actually create a calendar for next year. It's something fun and yet something worth investing in because it's a good way to put your name out and expand business and also puts some change in piggy bank.

If you have any question or comments let me know. maybe one of these days i'll buy the package so i can post more pictures on here. Maybe.

Please leave some comments ..Likes or Dislikes about my photos...if you like em say you do and/or tell me why..and if you dont tell me why and what couldve been done for you to like them more. I still have a lot more room for improvement.

YES, I do TFP/TFCD. At this point of time I want to do all free shoots due to the fact that I want to expand my portfolio as much as possible with all and as much help as possible. I will edited the pictures that are shot if wanted but I also have a contract which myself and the model signs just for business situations. I'm the person who takes the picture and edit them too.

TF* Defined - TFP [Time For Prints]/TFCD [Time For Compact Disk] = The photographer and model exchange time instead of money so that the photographer gets a free model for his or her portfolio, and the model gets free photos for his or her portfolio. The two artists (generally) maintain equal rights to all images taken during the shoot.



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