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About Me

I am working on a non-traditional boudoir project with "non-traditional" meaning something more than images that say sex & sexy. I am seeking models who are willing to work under a TFCD where they will work 2 hours with me + an additional hour on whatever they want to cover.
I am seeking ladies from all age, weight and color class, 5-6 models w/or w/out experience to complete this project. There will be 2 paid position offered after this phase of the project has been completed. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand to establish your portfolio, please contact me for more information on the project by sending a message to: info@wwlphotos.com

Capturing Life, As It Happens is the passion, core & focus of my photographic efforts and what I bring to the table every time I pickup my camera, without exception. My goal is to find the power, energy & excitement in a moment and capture it as well as the environment that surrounds every moment.

It is one thing to pre-position people to create a picture but it is something all together different to create an environment where an experience is had that you capture for all eternity. When you’re seeking the later contact me and we will capture life together, as it happens.

I have been working behind a camera since 1985 where I’ve learned to look for the passion in a moment. I moved to the professional ranks in 1995 where my passion was funneled and re focused on capturing life, as it happens.

I also can provide image editing assistance as the images iin my gallery demonstrate


I've had the pleasure of working for a variety of clients, many of which can be found in the galleries section of my site located at this link....

Radio Station 880am
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Local & National Celebrities
Athletic Event
Private Parties and Celebrations