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I was born and raised in the medeterranian and started traveling at very a young age which allowed me to explore the world's beauty and it's mysteries.

Currently, I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my beautiful wife Christine and my two lovely kids Thomas & Naceur.

Three major factors allowed me to be different in seeking moments with unique depth of beauty and refined sense of spirit.

First, as Master Trainer and the Figure competitive coach of European Fitness Solutions I developed an eye for the perfect poses that the body can perform in a natural environment.

Second, I modeled at a young age ,and that allowed me to understand how to produce an organic look for the pose.

Third, I'm an artist that mixes live sketches with the beauty of wood design, producing unique scroll saw masterpieces.

As my photography has matured over the years, my body of work has also grown. I continued to explore the rhythms of color and light and the connection and clarity I find in spontaneous moments.

I love organic beauty in it's raw version. There is nothing better than a photo to focus on the essential power of the moment— the moment that invites us in to watch it unfold and play.