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I'm still kinda new at this, but photography is fun and deeply fulfilling when the vibe is right! I just hope to grow and learn with every person with whom I collaborate!

I just got a job working with a company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. So, I'm looking to shoot there some when I travel for work. But, I'll still be based in LA.

Also, I've been shooting some music videos recently too. Check 'em if you'd like!

My First Video (Director):

My Second Music Video (Co-Director):

My Third Music Video (self-financed - Directed May2010):

My Fourth Music Video (Director):

My Fifth Music Video (Director):

Steadicam by eric.calderon420, on Flickr

So, directing music videos, actor reels, and short narrative scenes and those kinds of collaborations are top on my list. I still LOVE shooting to keep my creative eye challenged.

Sorry, I no longer give full CDs of unedited raw images. Only edited pics.

Follow me on Tumblr if you want too. I sometimes post more arty non-model pictures if you're interested.


BTW - My main work is working with a 3D animation company in Vancouver called NERD CORPS (haha.. I know). Before that, I owned a small production company Wild Boar Media. In total, I've been producing for almost 17 years and won the Emmy in 2009 for my work on a series I produced called AFRO SAMURAI (Samuel L. Jackson, RZA, SpikeTV).




MM Models I've shot:

Kayslee Collins 1413549
KelseyMarcelle Smith 1416467
Grace LH 1554783
Miki Kawawa 1149683
Shaun Horback 1569800
Eriko Azuma 1493110
Angela Nugen 1602604 (x2)
Cathy Bi 1464268
Kitty Mach 1621528 (x2)
Kathy Fox 1637811 (x2)
Crystal Linh Hoang 1123930 (x2)
Eve Kelly 1585241
Shoko Koga 1706006
Ceciliayuyu 1011238
Melissa Jean 159829
Jenny Ho 1313858
Yilin Yeah 1582235
Denise Tran 1289560
Andrea Kiley 1335780
Nari Prak 724519
Lisa Lehn 1476682
Sharylyn 830932
Rosaline Hart 1447368
Cassie Minick 1910756
Maya Kudamatsu 1128280
Felicia Diny 1071098
Elaine Lori 1239400

Non MM Models:

Eijiro Ozaki
Jacey Lee
Mariko Abe
Takamichi Sawa
Tomoko Hammer
Kaori Kabata (x2)
TJ Kayama
Sunny Peabody and Friedia Niimura (engagement shoot)
Inara Naranjo
Angela Le
Sarah Jane Gage-Hardt

Recommended MM MUA:

Michi Suzuki 1535666

NOT Recommended:

Michelle Nhu 1216067 (She confirmed a TFCD shoot in email where I had booked a paid studio space with lights & props, but then simply was a NO SHOW. Gave no notification prior and only sent an apology 10 days afterwards. Not cool!).


28 Aug 11 03:17
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing Beautiful^^
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