About Me

A former photojournalist, the ability to remain versatile has
shaped much of my photography, hence a varied portfolio
combining sport, people, landscape, objects and animals.

The rest has been shaped by my personality and finding a niche in underwater photography has been a wonderful way to combine my two loves in photography and water.
It is both challenging yet highly rewarding and provides a fluidity and emotion not seen in 'dry' photographs.

As Australians, most of us have some affinity with water.
The pleasure of letting the water dictate your movements, the
cheeky thrill of jumping in fully clothed and allowing yourself to be carried to a place familiar in our childhood.

Another tangent has seen me combine water, fetish, erotica and burlesque. The Perth burlesque scene is humming at the moment along with a darker cyberpunk/steampunk movement that is taking shape and brings great results to my work.

If you're after something slightly left of centre for your folio or for personal use then by all means contact me to discuss all aspects. Underwater portraits on canvas make for great talk pieces in your loungeroom!

Models, TFP and TFCD work welcomed and much appreciated.
Many more photos to come on here as I upgrade membership so please stay tuned.

Many thanks...

Snapped Photography, Perth