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About Me

Time to update this a bit me things...

My approach to photography is still one of simplicity and I still prefer simple, traditional techniques that represent photography at its using PS to save your ass here 'caus you didn't know what you were doing in the first place...

That being said don't think for a minute I can't take modern images and know that if I take out my MF camera it's because I think you are worth using a film on...anyone can give you space on their memory card for free

My style is neo classical and influences include Tim Burton, David Lynch, George Orwell...anything dickensian, dystopian and dark that suggests more is going on that can be seen...though I think the 'falling down house' from the local ghost estate has been done to death...we all need to move on and come up with fresh ideas

I appreciate other photographic work but I refuse to become an imitation, or worse a parody, of it

Side bar - I STILL don't go into collecting friends. If I add you it's because I am interested in working with you. If I contact you have the courtesy to respond, even if it's a no thanks



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17 Jul 14 00:42
Amazing work!
15 Jul 14 03:01
Nice portfolio (:
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