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Hi! Im Tia, I'm 24 and photography is my (very expensive) hobby at the moment, but I am slowly transitioning into being somewhat professional as people keep wanting me to take their photos. I love taking photos, and I don't like to charge at the moment as I am still studying the ins and outs of photography, and I feel have have alot of room to grow, so tf suits me. I love every opportunity to take photos, and people in particular as I love facial expression and facial features, and although its nice to have that airbrushed flawless look, and I like to photoshop, I also believe people shouldn't be embarrased by what makes up their appearance, things such as freckles on a redhead can make an outstanding photo. I hope to meet new and exciting people in this website, especially people who aren't afraid of posing, and take some great photos for my portfolio. I love B&W photos. My ultimate dream would be take photos for Vogue as Mario Testino is my idol... Hope to meet you soon!

Tia :-)
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I have previously worked with my wonderful friend Anna Geisel of Apsara Makeup Artistry MM #1525036. We are happy to work together with models, although if required, Anna does need to be paid to recoup the money spent on products.


29 Mar 10 21:11
Hi Tia, welcome to istudio. Very nice images. would love to see more of your work here. Rick editor
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