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About Me

Michaelarion Photography has joined iStudio to link up with aspiring and veteran models and dancers who dare to create new images for their portfolio and broaden their photographic experience in different and challenging ways - in style, concept and location.
Specifically I want to develop the artistic side of my figure/glamour portfolio by working with enthusiastic models who are open to experimentation and enjoy the creative process.

I have a special affinity for models with talent in the arts, theater, music and dance - those that pose from the heart and from the natural inclinations of their own bodies.
For this reason I have to be selective as to who I work with for TF. If I promote sub-standard models who have sub-standard looks and ethics it reflects badly on me, yourself, MM and to others I promote or refer you to.
As an original member and dancer with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, my love and appreciation for dance, grace, beauty and theatre arts continues forty years later (do the math - I'm not that young anymore).

If you're an actor or actress, I shoot headshots.
If you're a dancer, I shoot from stage to street.
If you're daring, I shoot without inhibition.
If you're proud of your body, I shoot it in the style of your imagination - and mine.

Images I create, not take - this is the reason I continue in the art of photography as my profession for over thirty years. I wish to share my talent as a provider of photos to you who seeks the experience and dreams of fantasy and glamour, with what could be rather than what is there.
Images that play with seduction, sensuality and femininity, being able to help models with their vision and confidence of who they are and what they want to be, as well as manifesting my own - that's my destiny and continual journey as a visual artist.

I shoot strictly location including urban, industrial, business, suburban, rustic and rural settings. Real backgrounds for real models - no plain vanilla backdrops.
I work hard and make great images. You might get hot and sweaty or cold and numb, wet, tired and dirty - but you'll end up with a new set of unique images to expand your portfolio. Dare to be different and you will be noticed - dare to be noticed and you will succeed. I invite you to join the fun.
Thank you for your interest. Peace.




02 Jun 14 14:17
Awesome work!
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