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About Me

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My email address is: johnwesleyjonesjr (at) gmail (dot) com

This is my flickr site:

It is true that when a user of Model Mayhem receives and reads a message from another user, the sender knows that the receiver has actually read the message. If you receive a message from me and you read it but you don't send a reply to me, this is rude and insulting behavior. I am not expecting the next War and Peace, a simple sentence of rejection or acceptance is enough.

Please read this FIRST!! :
--I am NOT a NUDE photographer!!!
--I don't charge for doing shoots.
--Please, if I add you or you add me as a friend, leave me a message or tag me. I am really eager to work with many people, so PLEASE CONTACT ME.
--If I email you or tag you, PLEASE RESPOND. If you are not interested in working with me, at least tell me why. Maybe you can help me improve so that I can find people who DO want to work with me.

I am a graduate student at The University of Illinois in Urbana and I have been doing photography for about 9 years.



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