About Me

Hi, I'm Steve.

I love to shoot people, landscapes, lifestyle, really anything that has some element of beauty or aesthetic value. This is more of a hobby for me (I have a day job). However, I am very professional if we work together.

I'm very approachable, and enjoy working with new people. Send me a message if you have something you would like to collaborate on. I am open to all ideas and styles.


TFP/CD work is always welcome as long as both model and photographer benefit. I want to know your expectations prior to working together. A model escort is fine by me, as long as they are not a distraction.

I have a few personal projects that I have started, and have yet to finish. Let me know if you would be interested.

I travel to New Orleans, LA, and Clearwater, FL a few times per year. So I am open to work in those areas.

Thanks for visiting my page.



27 Nov 10 21:29
Thanks...you have a great port! Love to work with you as well :) Take care, Rose
26 Nov 10 21:07
stunning portfolio love to work with you someday http://zarihsretouching.com/
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