About Me

I'm an Art Director turned into Photographer not long ago. I'm passionate about film and video which I also do. I'm from the Advertising arena, McCann, Leo Burnett and Y&R. Additional skills are Flash® animation design and high-end scripting.

I've been creating a photography style inspired in Vargas and Gil Elvgren pinups as far as poses and storytelling, Japanese Manga drawings as far as simplicity/outlines and theatrical/cinema lighting. After all, the model has to stand out as well as the wardrobe. My images are clean and uncluttered so the subject becomes the center of attention.

Sure I know 1 or 2 point lighting, but isn't that what EVERYBODY does? If you see the samples in my port you'll probably notice there's a dedicated light carefully focused on details that are worth highlighting to create a mood and enhance the model's figure, as well as the wares. It's like painting with light, literally! Sorry, that's me. Photo-Manga! A standalone signature style in photography.

I LOVE meeting people that want to develop creative concepts and new visual ideas while having fun! Hey, life is short and only one.

Our studio is 22 ft by 14 ft, wired for sound. Starting in October I'll be doing a lot more work in the great outdoors and locations. Check the couple dressed in white showing in this port to have an idea.

Rates that apply exclusively to our portfolio buildup service.
Photography 2-3 looks, up to 2 hours $150 Come makeup ready.
Photography 4-5 looks, up to 4 hours $200
Photography 6-8 looks, up to 6 hours $350
Photography and MUA 3-5 looks $320
Photography and MUA 6-8 looks $630
Estimated time per look: 1 hour to get full bodies, 3/4 and half, portraits and face shots after each wardrobe change and makeup retouch. We got props and staging capabilities.

For on location shoots add $150.

Non-refundable 50% deposit required via PayPal, cheque, cash or money order.
Please contact for details. Book with a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice.

Included are style coaching and pose training, as well as a DVD with your unedited pictures right after the session. You and me will review and make image selections. Retouched versions of select pictures - 5 photos per look - will be emailed to you 3 days later in hi and low resolutions for print and internet, plus our 3 picture composite of each look, like in my port.

We welcome one escort.

Additional model services: Agency Composite & Website design

I'm currently doing TFCD once or twice a month. I specially enjoy working with new talent and fresh faces, so if you like my style, contact me. You have to be of any age over 21, with or without experience. I reserve the right to select who I work with. I shoot in my studio during the hot season or in several indoor & outdoor locations which I have access to when the weather becomes friendly.

Models that have worked with me on a TFCD basis are listed here and have the house open anytime they want to shoot. Most of them have had a call back to earn one or more fees on ongoing projects.

Extended gallery @ http://www.redav.com/photo.htm
More work is there.

Hoping you like what you see! :)


11 national and international awards, from print to internet.

Client roster includes Bustelo coffee, Mirta de Perales hair products, The City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs, New World Symphony, MTV, Universal Music, Hard Rock Cafe, Spherion, Toyota and Premium Blend cocktail products.

MM Models that have worked with REDAV

Christine Curran MM# 821668 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p-47.htm
Marvin Bienaime MM# 785836 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p-455a.htm
Valtori Delano MM# 894614 - Valtori's avatar - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p15.htm
Deanna Cross MM# 1072997 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p37d.htm
Jordanne Dundas MM# 293833 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p38a.htm
Laura Myers MM# 1663741 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p39aa.htm
FLJewel MM# 1683788 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p40f.htm
Rose Donato MM# 1598226 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50a.htm
Tiffany Elizabeth MM# 33070 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50d.htm
Joseph Kreutzer MM # 1774111 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50e.htm
Maria Zambrano MM# 1613563 - Maria's avatar and port.
Brittani D MM# 1679780 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50n.htm
Ashley Kyler MM# 1207281 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p40a.htm
4DianaB MM# 1254528 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p39e.htm
LadyDee10 MM# 1709080 - Dee's avatar. REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50u.htm
Jennifer Alen MM# 1596464 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p39bd.htm
Samantha Ferris MM# 1036359 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50s.htm
Yami Cruz MM# 1745167
K-Lee Shagena MM# 1017794 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p50q.htm
Carissa Castillo MM# 1301460 - REDAV Gallery http://www.redav.com/people_photography/p39bf.htm
Lindsey Lf8806 MM# 1743567
Yizzy Lopez MM # 1779691
Olga Bespalenko MM # 1326309

Fashion Designer Maria Lepe MM# 676065

You are encouraged to contact them for references.

Pictures included in MM lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/14749602 - 3 lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/15708378 - 1 list
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/15708141 - 3 lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/15702605 - 6 lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/15702402 - 8 lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/18422056 - 1 list
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/19023883 - 2 lists
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pic/18446486 - 1 list

Special thanks to MUAs.
Ashley-Nichole MUA MM# 1739141
Julie Sury MM# 1770996
Please contact them for your makeup needs. They are good!

Thanks, guys!