About Me

About Me:
Have a studio in Downtown Dallas, but love to shoot outside as well. If you have idea youve been wanting to do, or looking for some new shots, lets do it. I am very easy to get along with and am fine with escorts, provided they are not obtrusive of course. Im sort of a goof and like to have fun shooting because it makes for better pictures usually. If you have an idea you want to shoot…lets talk. Usually no problem doing TF with MM people if I dont have a paid shoot scheduled. Also starting with Zivity if interested in shooting content for them.

You can also contact me here or through the website link at top

Vintage Kittens magazine (3 issues)
Drive in Magazine (1 issue and calender)
Cat's Meow Magazine

Blah, Blah:
I want to add some more lifestyle type shoots. I love to do pin-up and vintage shoots. I have a collection of vintage props so if you have an idea I may have the props and/or can get them