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About Me

As a photographer, it is my job to help my subjects look their best.

As an artist, I want to meet people who share my sense of integrity, can clearly represent themselves, and who are as willing to meet their commitments as I am.

Most importantly: this should be fun. Let's just have some fun and make great images!

Photo Caption: Lauren reviewing shots at my Home Studio in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cancellation Policy
I understand and have the utmost respect for the fact that this is not a full-time job for most models. It makes perfect sense that availability to attend a shoot is subject to change.

Both models and photographers prepare for a shoot. Some of these preparations involve an outlay of time and / or money. The most common cost is that of doing one thing at the exclusion of having done another (also known as opportunity cost).

My only policy regarding cancellation is that we each do our best to minimize one another's costs in the event of a cancellation. The simplest thing to do is provide enough lead time by cancelling as early as possible. The next best thing is to offer compensation to the other party. Please abide by this policy for our work together.

References and Chaperons
The following models and photographers will readily provide references for both the quality of my work and my professionalism:

# 19660 - Lauren M
#2097815 - Sadie Hawkins
#1343438 - Spinn Imaging

(Feel free to ask other folks whom I have worked with about me as well. It's just that the people in the list above are ready and willing to fulfill a reference request, whereas somebody else may take their time responding.)

If you must bring along a chaperon to feel safe and comfortable - please be my guest. They are especially welcome if they are willing to help you out, haul gear, or hold a reflector. However, please take into consideration that it is possible for the presence of a chaperon to have a negative effect on the quality of our shoot.

Photo Caption: Katelyn being photographed at McKenna Park in Madison, Wisconsin.


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# 735039 - Cambriea
#1541424 - Coua Vue
#2008294 - Bebe Antaliya
# 19660 - Lauren M
#2097815 - Sadie Hawkins
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#1875179 - Cameo Michelle
#1537177 - Michelle Braun
#1741934 - Sasha Malone
#1549200 - Nicholas Alexander
#1343438 - Spinn Imaging
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