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Hi there,

Thank you for visiting my profile, have a look at the images and feel free to leave a comment.

Model photography since January, but have been taking pictures all my life. Interested in seeing and taking pictures of all kinds of styles but specifically loving fashion. Some of you (born somewhere before 1990) might remember MTV Stylissimo, the fashion program, which was my favorite thing on TV.

Except photography I also like art and design in general, from paintings and sculptures to architecture and brand design. I am a senior in business studies and specializing in creative marketing, including trendwatching and concepting.

Like everybody else on MM, I hope to be able of steadily building up my portfolio. I highly appreciate models and others that maintain a sufficient level of professionalism, as I do exactly that. This starts with a correct form of communication, so even if you as a model are not interested, please be so kind to at least reply with some nice words of declination.

I consider myself pretty social so if your bored, just drop me a line.