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Magic Creations offers retouching services worldwide

Also you can see more of my work and connect at facebook:


* Color Balancing
* Damage Repair
* Background Changing
* Feature Enhancement
* Image Shape & Size Correction
* Creative effects
* Red Eye Removal
* Blemish and Scar Removal
* Wrinkle and line removal
* Softening of Skin Tone
* Eye Retouching
* Teeth Whitening
* Virtual Makup
* Hair and Eye color Change
* Set Clean Up or Removal
* Virtual Breast Enhancement
* Virtual Weight Loss

-Bulk discounts are available.
-24 hour turn-around is available.

We have the latest in skill sets, and the most advanced technologies, tools, plug-ins and methods of photo retouching delivering unbelievable results in a quick turnaround time.

We will assess your photo(s) and come to an agreement on what work shall be done and the appropriate price. When the enhancing is complete, we will send you back a low-res watermarked copy of the photo for your approval. We shall release the full, unwatermarked copy to you when payment is received.

For the best image results, we prefer to work on 300dpi+

Magic Creations is committed to protecting photographers' copyrights and we will only retouch photos of clients who expressed that they have the right to or permission from the photographer to use the photo(s).

Email your photos to:

photoop817@live.com or photoop817@yahoo.com

We prefer Paypal payments no checks or money orders as I have gotten to many bad ones.

My Photography web sites:


I am also a photographer so Models if you have an idea you would like to collaborate on or would like something different that you can add to your port please contact me and let’s see what we can create.

My rates are very reasonable, however, if you can bring a good attitude and an idea that interests and challenges me I may be willing to do it TF. My TF policy is you model I shoot, before you leave that same day you get a CD or DVD (depending on how much is shot and image sizes) of all unedited shots taken that day. Then any that I work on in any way you get copies of when completed. I'm not one of those that shoot and then try to charge you for work we collaborated on.

When booking a shoot please be aware, I don’t like dealing with flakes, if you do I will not reschedule with you.




01 Jan 11 23:51
Thanks for the FR! I am going to be in Dayton in Feb. Let me know if you would like to shoot.
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