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About Me

Welcome to my world!

See the hotness at

You know I'm your hero.

I am a photographer without boundaries! I shoot anything and everything! Mostly glamour, fashion and editorial and always gorgeous models! It has been said I will try anything once but usually twice.

I have been known to shoot an entire magazine spread with a toy camera, yes really. And I still got paid.

I shoot digital, film, and any camera I can get my hands on.

The biggest downfall of this site is that you cannot add yourself as a friend.

If you are willing to shoot something over-the-top, I'm your guy.

I do not have a censor in my brain that keeps me from saying what I am thinking. Also known as Rude.

I am a guy with many camera's.

I do not walk a fine line, I drive over it.

I am shallow, it's my job.

People who think they know it all hate me, only because I prove them wrong.

If you want typical "High-Fashion" from me just go away now.

I just sold my casting couch on Craigslist, sorry.

I can read text language, if you say OMG or LOL in person I might kick you off the set.

I drink. I smoke in social settings. I do this because it's cool.

I have been tipped by a stripper. Yes, for real.

I could have been a model, still might.

I'd rather shoot you naked than have you wear fur.

I don't like elitist snobs, they are beneath me.

If I add you as a friend it's because I think you're a great model or I'm drunk.

If you think I start too many sentences with reference to myself and look at it as a bad thing, then you probably just have not met me yet. I am worth talking about.

When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.

I am eccentric, narcissistic, have complete and total ADD, I am OCD and I love pets. No I will probably not photograph my pets with you.

If you do not look as good as my clients who hire me, I will not shoot you TF.

I will pay your "kit fee" if you pay my daily rent for my studio. Same goes for gas money.

I travel all over the US, my main stopping points are here in Southern California, NYC, Miami, Las Vegas and several small towns in between.

I prefer models who are uninhibited and are exhibitionists, if I need to explain this to you, you are not one of them. But I still might work with you.

"Wow" is an exclamation.

I accept all friend requests. I don't care if you comment my work or not.

Here are some answers to some FAQ's

Do I date models? No, I am happily married, and while flirting may be a great way to get the shot, beyond that I am quite unavailable!

Do I pay models? Yes, when I have a casting or contact you. Please don't solicit me for paid work, unless you're f'n amazing, then please solicit me.

Do I shoot TF? Yes, but we must agree on a concept ahead of time! And it must be hot!

Do I allow escorts? Yes and No. No BF's or spouses. No matter how cool your man is it's just not the same when he's there. Bring your best friend or something like that if you wish, but no drama, no entourage and nobody who you didn't tell me you were bringing first. I tell you who I'm bringing (my assistants) ahead of time, show me the same respect please.

Do I shoot nudes? Yes.

Do I shoot non-nudes? Yes.

What are two words that best describe your work? Cheap and superficial.

I am building an entirely new portfolio, message me if you really want to see more work.

Rules are meant to be broken.

It's not all about T&A, but that helps.

One more thing;

Those who can, shoot. Those who think they can, curate.

Anything else, just send me a message.

I have a sense of humor, if you don't you probably will not like me. 0

This is an industry of cool.


I have worked in TV, Radio, and have been a photographer for quite awhile.

I have also worked in the music business, no not selling CD's on the corner 0

I've been involved in the entertainment industry for 17 years, looking to do it for at least a few more!


11 Jun 11 04:25
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17 May 10 20:28
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching for your photos.
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