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About Me

Update: I'm living on the Kapiti Coast temporarily and may travel to Auckland for freelance work until I move back to Canada before 2011 is over.

FRIEND REQUESTS: Please hit the "like" button on my facebook page before sending one, or at least indicate that you're interested in working with me first.

I retouch all of my own work.

TF: I love working with talented, creative people and I'm very open to the idea of shooting TF* but only if... 1) the concept is very creative 2) there is support with scouting locations, organising props etc and 3) the shoot will benefit everyone involved. Think along the lines of a clever, highly polished magazine ad or cover.

Any TF* work will bear my watermark on the final images.

I may also work TF if you in exchange allow me to sell the images to stock sites.


Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Vancouver in 2010. This is where I now base myself and am available for retouching and photography work.

Over the years I have learned a lot about photography, lighting and high-end retouching. Working with some of the best advertising agencies as a creative retoucher and graphic artist since 2004, I have progressively moved further into the world of photography, it's where I find inspiration and passion.

Please send me a message if you'd like to work with me or if you would like to ask about my rates and availability.

Hayden Wood.



03 Aug 11 08:48
i was also born and raised in nz!!! im in perth now, australia :) if your ever over, would love to get together to shoot x
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