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G. Gregory Geiger, "G3" is now at Studio 95 Photographix.

Photographer, G. Gregory Geiger and Model, Jaye Lynn have joined forces and created Studio 95 Photographix. Geiger brings over 20 years of photography experience to the studio operations. He is a:
> PPA, a Certified Professional Photographer
> Photographic Craftsman;
He has won:
> a regional Emmy,
> DuPont Award,
> Kodak Gallery Award.
G. Gregory is a past national lecturer on digital wedding photography; additionally his images have been internationally published in four coffee table books and multiple times in the three major wedding magazines.
Our facility is a photography studio that caters to photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists, hair styles and anyone that needs a place to express their creative side.

Studio 95 Photographix is built on a strong foundation of honest work ethics, years of varied experience, open minds and a desire to help you create in a convenient, comfortable, safe and full service environment.

Studio 95 Photographix offers:
* 22' x 40' x 12' photo environment
* 3 separate paper roller systems with a variety of color options
* various drapes and sheers on hooks and wires
* multiple background sets and floor types
* solid ceiling access to suspend most any props you would want
* 6' wide garage door for easy access of motorcycles, small sports cars, narrow trailers and props that are large in size or quantity
* full access to unique props (some setup might require extra fees, please inquire)
* many furniture options (inventory list coming soon)
* large variety of lighting available for rental if needed
* small semi-private outdoor area in the back of the building
* comfortable lounge for escorts
* dedicated 12' x 8' make-up room set-up with
> mirrors and surrounding lights
> counter tops
> rods for holding your clothing
> shelves for your accessories and shoes
> access to studio wardrobe, accessories and makeup
* wall mounted full-length mirror
* conveniently located directly across the hall from the shooting space
* photography and modeling assistance also available (please inquire for details)

We are always adding new and exciting props and sets. If there is something specific you are looking for, let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen exactly the way you were hoping it would.

We want to accommodate your creative vision as an artist and we want you, all models and assistants to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Comments from Models:
"Professional seems to be the most accurate word when asked about Gregory Geiger as a photographer, teacher, and friend. Not only, will he "tell it to you as it is", but he will also bring forth very constructive criticism when needed. As a photographer Greg is the perfect man to go to for commercial print elegant styles seen in Vogue or Vanity Fair. His direction on flawless posing is always on point and his many years of experience truly shines during his instruction. As a mentor, every model should learn as much as he/she can under his wing. At the end of the day, his promise to check up on you and ask what you have learned remains a reminder for the model that his/her time was not wasted when collaborating with Greg. Lastly, as a friend he will personally provide transportation for the model and will minimize the amount of heavy labor required so the model can be as comfortable as possible for the shoot. Aside, from his mentoring skills, Greg provides a state of the art studio complete with an abundance of equipment needed to take an amazing photograph. His "in house" make up and prop room always seems to remain a handy backup if any theme needs a change in model style or object. In addition, his bar, kitchen, and elevator can all be transformed into wonderful photo shoot scenes. All in all, I am more than satisfied with all the times I've worked with Greg and look forward to many more collaborations." ~ Jing Wang, MM # 882154

"Greg is a great guy to work with. Totally professional and will go the extra mile for you if you work well together! He recently helped me land the lead role in a music video by photo shopping in some glasses to a photo, because the director and band wanted a professional dark and sexy look. The band's manager is pretty well-respected in the music industry, so the connections this could present are immeasurable. He also got me a job as a model for a new lingerie company. Thanks Greg!" - Hannah Boston MM # 829541

Models Info:
From one MM model: "Greg Geiger - A real artist and a brilliant technician, Greg brings to the table a kick-ass studio, state-of-the-art equipment and a solid 30+ years of industry experience. If you're looking to produce some slick Vogue-style images, Greg is the man. In addition to taking the pictures, Greg also assumes the role of modeling coach, critiquing - sometimes with brutal honesty - on posing, makeup, appearance and other aspects of modeling. (Heads-up to any models who aren't into "constructive criticism"). An ideal mentor for a semi-pro model who is gearing up to commit some serious time, guts, and energy to taking the next step in her career. Greg definitely helped me nip a couple of bad posing habits in the bud and ace the technicalities of posing and facial expression."

For those models that are seeking a higher level of photography, I'm happy to create a diverse and excellent portfolio for you at a reasonable rate.

"Each of us brings a creative process to a photo shoot. After 20+ years as a professional photographer, I bring experience, a professional attitude and a desire to produce great looking images for both of us. As a model, I would hope you bring a good attitude and willingness to show your range of expressions." ~G3

G3 shoots all digital and has organized two Photoshop users groups, one in CT & Western MA. Experience has taught that while faults can be fixed with Photoshop, it's better to get the image right while taking the photograph. You will find G3 excellent at teaching/explaining lighting, capture, etc., he's a fun person to work with.


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