About Me

Hi there,

I'm looking for female models in Singapore, KL and Bangkok who are willing to work for "TFCD" or for a reasonable fee.

Themes I'm interested in are;
- Portraits.... B/W, Coloured, indoor/outdoor.
- Well-trained bods in gym environment, during work-out and/or with sports equipment.
- Pin-up

Let me know if you are an aspiring model who needs a few new photos for your book / MM-profile. Drop me a line at eos50delta.jack@gmail.com or here at istudio.

Stay posed!



11 Mar 14 23:31
Stunning port!
13 Jul 12 06:58
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
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