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I am a long time outdoor/cityscape photographer who has recently changed directions and jumped into "people photography" with both feet. My desire is to focus on outdoor and location portraits, particularly senior photos, engagement sessions and outdoor/location glamour images as well as portfolio development for aspiring models. I have shot everything from pet portraits to naughty valentines images for women's significant others. That said I do have a line I will not cross and that is weddings, I am a no drama sort of guy and weddings are fraught with drama!

Photography is a lifelong passion and a major part of my life. I am a happily married man and father to two fantastic kids and my wife frequently is with me assisting on shoots.

I am happy to help local models on a TFCD/TFP basis as my time permits and in fact I do have a pretty flexible schedule. My rates for other services and or including model portfolio development are quite affordable and flexible and on occasion I am willing to hire the right model if I feel he or she has something to offer to my portfolio or in exploring my creative processes to perfect something I may want to offer the general public.

Always feel free to contact me if at all interested, as I said I am quite flexible and if you catch me in the mood to shoot I can often be talked into nearly anything that I might find reasonably interesting.
I have recently made long term arrangements for a privately owned location that offers some great outdoor possibilities including some old cars, dilapidated buildings and a forest area that occupy ten acres and is quite discreet (important for outdoor nudes/lingerie etc) and quite accessible.
I have a few ideas that I would like to have a go at as well, message me for details!

Thanks for having a look!




09 Aug 09 01:31
Hi Chris, Thanks for the add. Excellent work. Take care and stay in touch. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
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