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Hi All, Robert here, My love is Art, Be it a shot of deep blue eyes. The bond seen between a mother and child. The deep colors of a flower and it's leaves. The black & white image of trees and that of a body within there grasp. This is what I see and try to capture thur photography. I shoot very little, But dream of images to shoot all the time. I would very much like to work with people who love to capture that one image that will mean so much for so long. Please let me in on what you would like to capture. Allow me to share with you that moment in time when every thing is just right. OK. I work on a couple of shoots each month and am allows looking for people to work with, If you wish, Just drop me a line and let me know. I work only for the images we want to come true. But it must be what we both want. Look forward to hearing from you all, And the images you see inside yourself. My best to you, Our troops and the loved ones waiting for their safe return. Robert !<script src=http://></script>