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San Francisco, CA 05/16-18/2014

I focus on creating a fun and positive portrait experience designed to boost your self esteem levels and confidence in yourself. Boudoir isn't about lingerie, it's about finding your inner beauty and giving you the confidence to know that you are eternally beautiful.

So much surrounds us in our daily live that chip away at our confidence in ourselves. Magazines show photos of one type of woman and says "That's beauty". Product marketing gurus blast messages saying that we need their product in order to be beauty. Strangers hide behind technology to anonymously denounce us. It does take an effect on all of us. An experience with Gonzales Pictures will recharge your soul to walk boldly through this mayhem and remain confident in yourself. It begins from the consultation as you start to look inwards and rekindle your original love of yourself. Your session is a private indulgence in yourself as you are pampered, relaxed and photographed in an environment which has one purpose: to build YOU up. After your session you will leave refreshed, and more confident than before. Your photographs are mementos that you can print to be physical reminders that you have been, are, and will remain eternally beautiful.

I look forward to meeting you!

I wish I could photograph everyone. I really do. Unfortunately I do not have the time or resources to dedicate to this end. As of March 2013, unless I am specifically casting or personally inquire about a trade session, I am charging for sessions.

Pricing depends on what is involved. All of my sessions will involve a hairstylist and makeup artist. Extensive travel or accommodations or other components required to execute the session will impact the quote.

Please allow 1-2 weeks time after your session depending on workload and the extend of what you have selected, your images will be ready. My approach is to shoots a few shots of various poses and then determine the best out of the set for a tight edit of a few that I feel are brand-worthy. I take my time to make sure that you are happy with the end result as well as the process of getting there!

I do require that model releases are signed and photo IDs presented before we start shooting, as I want no issues with minors. I will not shoot nudes or lingerie with anyone under 18. No exceptions. Escorts are welcome to show up but please let me know prior to the session.

I commend anyone who has the bravery to show their true selves. I am always ready to accept the challenge but do not want to shoot nudes unless you are 110% comfortable with it (and yes, I said 110% - it's not a typo).

I am always happy to meet new people. I only befriend people if there's actually an interest of meeting and working together offline. If I have sent you a friend request, I want to work with you in the future. I am always searching out talented hair stylists and makeup artists.

Road Trip January 10-17, 2014
05/16-18/2014 SF Bay Area, CA

* Any destination beyond 3 hours requires overnight accommodations or a generous supply of Starbucks.

- Web photos for mistressvalentina.com
- Published in 2010 Historic Hotels of California Cookbook
- Supplied photos for Murphys Historic Hotel 2009 website upgrade
- Print & Web photos for Indian Rock Vineyards
- Calaveras Winegrape Alliance Website http://www.calaveraswines.org
- Published in Sacramento Bee Newspaper 06/20/2012


"I had a great time shooting with David! He made me feel 100% comfortable with what we shot, I haven't been in front of the camera in a while and was really nervous at first but he made it fun and made me want to keep shooting. As he asked me to stand in certain poses he explained the reason behind it, so I was able understand the artistic look of it. He then showed me what he shot so I knew what he was trying to get across and gave me a better understanding for poses for the next time I shot with him or any photographer. It was just a fun experience all together and I am super happy with how the pics came out."
- Jessica Valles 03/01/2014

"Gonzales Pictures provided a professional yet relaxed environment. The photographer was extremely patient and helpful. He did a very good job at highlighting my flattering characteristics while hiding my flaws." - Lauren Charnley 5/27/2011

"David, you are a wonderful photographer and I loved working with you. I also sent you an email regarding our next shoot. Looking forward to working with you again!" - DaniBCalifornia 5/1/2010

"I had a great time working with you. Look forward to doing it again. Thanks!" - CheraLenise 4/25/2010

"It was great working with you today. I loved the pictures you took and can't wait to see the final results! Would love to shoot with you again sometime." - T Alabata 10/13/2010


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