About Me

If I have sent you a friend request it is because I have an affinity and admiration for your work and would like to keep up with the new things in which you do.

I am a Singer/Songwriter, amateur photographer, who has always loved and admired the art of photography.

I was born & raised in Joplin, MO, married a brilliant and beautiful woman named Sebra, in 1997, packed up the dog and moved out here to 'ye ol city o'sin' in 2007.


After an extended delay due to health concerns and the burglary & theft of all of my music equipment and computers, the new CD is back in production!!!

I hope to have it finished by the first of the year.

There are rough demos on my MySpace, let me know what you think!!
http://www.myspace.com/ryanbutler TAKE A LISTEN AND ADD ME!

Unfortunately the theft also included my camera which has not yet been replaced. So all photography is still on hold...




05 Jan 10 03:16
Hi Ryan,welcome to istudio!
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