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I am a semi-retired pilot & engineer who's been taking pictures for about 36 years as my primary hobby. My goal is creative expression with my camera, to help balance out the rigid perfection demanded by the other half of my brain! Although my favorite shooting is with a model in the foreground and a sunset or waterfall in the background, I am happy to do any kind of on location projects. Also, I'm partial to shooting in & around high performance gear such as aircraft, sports cars, and motorcycles.

I do all my own post op work and portrait editing. With on location shots, that usually means minor processing with color saturation, contrast, etc., although I do have a couple of Photoshop wizards at my disposal, and am developing a tad bit of proficiency in Photoshop & Premier Elements.

Artistic expression is the idea, so I welcome models (& projects) that have tattoos, piercings, body paint, implants, tan lines, and things that just make a bold or creative statement.

My range is mostly southern New Mexico, although I travel to and through the western US states such as Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Colorado on a regular basis. Especially the more scenic places with tall mountains, white sands, or national parks.

In times past I've shot everything from weddings to aerial photography, so now I'm trying to pursue more inspirational projects. Anything particularly unusual, adventuresome, or creative? I'm game!


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