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About Me


In the past I’ve done mostly landscape, travel and event photography but am now inspired and on a misson to create some hard hitting and unique images with some of the many beautiful models and talented creative makeup artists and set designers around Toronto and around the world as I travel frequently.

Some notes and clarifications:

- I'm here to make art, not money. I'm open to covering costs of travel and materials but am generally looking to do TF shoots. Everyone’s circumstances are different, if you’re not interested in TF then please feel free to politely decline, I will do the same. It only takes a few seconds; I really don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

- You'll have a pretty clear idea of what sort of image I'm going for and what conditions we'll be shooting in before I even ask for a commitment.

- When doing a creative TF shoot, if practical, I'll try and get you the shots you want for your port even if it's not in the plan.

- I'm very respectful of people’s time and I would hope that you will be as well. Once we have a plan I'll almost never cancel or otherwise flake out.

- I'm very relaxed, outgoing and easy to work with. My whole life is built around having fun and working on interesting, exciting projects. Feel free to add me to facebook to get a more acurate picture of what I'm like before we work together.

What I'm planning for 2011:

I’ll be looking to do some fairly relaxed studio and outdoor shoots in the spring. Ultimately I’m hoping to meet people on a similar wavelength who will be up for some very challenging, elaborate projects later on in the summer and into the future.

I'll be in Switzerland, France, Argentina and Israel this year so I'll be looking to do a shoot or two on each of those trips.

The body paint in the photos is done by my good friend, the very amazing Natasha Kudashkina. If you’re interested in getting painted and doing a photo shoot let me know, I’ve got some pretty interesting ideas for future photo shoots with her as well.