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William Zdan is an artist in the OC/LA metro area. His pop-surrealism mixes with classic iconography and political satire.

If you're in the greater L.A./O.C. area and interested in modeling reference photos for a painting, let's discuss. EMAIL - William@williamzdan.com

"William Zdan’s portraits are hellish: pretty breasts
and faces with scars, covered in gas masks and bees,
all in fiery reds and oranges. But the O.C. artist’s
still lifes are equally as lovely and unsettling as his
pierced, punk women. An oil derrick isn’t just an oil
derrick—it’s man’s phallic incursion into the earth,
withdrawing her oil, drying her up. His skies are
apocalyptic—is that a mushroom cloud, or just a
sunset through smog? Faces crawl with insects, a
less infuriating take on Damien Hirst. It’s ugly, but
it’s beautiful. Tere’s no vivisected cow here, just
degraded, marred, scarred beauty. Like life." Rebecca Schoenkopf-Riviera Magazine


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